Application for Ordinary Branch (OB) Membership

Membership Monthly Subscription: $117 per year (current fees being $9 per month (Jan-Nov); $18 (Dec)) in accordance with the prevailing rates. (Please note that there will be 2 months subscription fees deducted during the first month for processing purposes)

Entrance Fees: $25 (One-Time)

Personal Particulars and Job Details
Full Name:
NRIC No.: Staff No.:
Nationality: Race:
Company SIA SIAEC ESA HMSS Date of Birth:
Date Join Company: Division:
Email (Office): Designation:
Alternate Email (Optional): Office Number:
Highest Educational Qualification:
Mobile Number: Marital Status: Single Married
Gender: Male Female Last Trade Union Joined:
Home Address:
Postal Code:    
NTUC Membership Card Application
Not applicable if you already have a U Card
Photo Card: I need photo on my card I do not need photo on my card
Name to be printed on NTUC Membership Card:
Residential Status: Singapore Citizen Permanent Resident Employment Pass Work Permit
Salary Range (SGD):
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I would like to be an NTUC FairPrice member under the "Join-Now-Pay-Later" scheme. The first $23 of rebates must be accumulated within the first three years to pay for the 20 shares (at $1 each) and $3 admin fee.

I authorise NTUC FairPrice to credit my NTUC FairPrice rebates into my bank account. I consent to NTUC & SIASU disclosing my personal particulars to NTUC FairPrice for the purpose of facilitating my NTUC FairPrice membership.

I also understand that the maximum amount in purchases at NTUC FairPrice Cooperative Limited entitled to rebate each financial year is S$6,000 - the rate will be declared at the Annual General Meeting of NTUC Fairprice Cooperative Limited each year.

The FairPrice Rebates will be paid to your bank account below:
Name of Bank:
Account Holder Name:
Account Number:
Terms & Conditions
  1. I consent to my personal data being collected, used and retained by SIASU for the purposes of processing,administering and managing my Union membership.
  2. I acknowledge that the collection, use and/or disclosure of my NRIC/FIN number is necessary to accurately establish my identity to a high degree of fidelity in relation to “NTUC Gift”, a group insurance policy exclusively for members of NTUC affiliated unions and associations; financial subsidies for skill upgrading and training under the Union Training Assistance Program (UTAP) and an array of other services including but not limited to legal consultation, job placement and education grants.
  3. I consent to my personal data being disclosed amongst:
    • NTUC and SIASU of which I will be a member for the purposes of managing my respective membership; and
    • NTUC/ SIASU, the Employment and Employability Institute, and NTUC Social Enterprises for the purposes of managing and increasing membership benefits and privileges.
  4. I consent to be contacted by NTUC and SIASU via email, SMS, calls and/or post for matters relating to employment and employability, industrial relations, training and education, social and recreation as well as to give my opinion/feedback on such matters.
  5. For the purposes of industrial relations and employment-related issues, I consent to NTUC and SIASU obtaining my personal data and any relevant data relating to my employment from my employer.
  6. I will also keep NTUC and SIASU informed immediately via any changes to my employment status or personal particulars that may affect my membership status and benefits.
  7. I understand that I am also applying for membership to the PLUS! Program administered by NTUC Link Private Limited. I agree to abide by the terms and conditions of PLUS! I acknowledge and consent to:
    • The collection use and retention of my personal data by NTUC Link for the purposes of fulfilling, servicing and managing my PLUS! Membership.
    • The disclosure of my personal data between NTUC/Union/association and NTUC Link for the purposes of processing, servicing and managing my PLUS! Membership;
    • The disclosure of my personal data by NTUC Link to its LinkPoints Partners/Merchants for the purposes of fulfilling, servicing and managing my PLUS! Membership;
    • I further consent to be notified by NTUC Link on benefits and privileges pertaining to PLUS! Via email, SMS, calls and/or post; and
    • I can visit to manage my PLUS! Membership (Including withdrawal of consent) after my successful enrolment to PLUS!
  8. For any enquiries on personal data protection matters, please email to
Monthly Subscription Payroll Deduction

Through SIASU

I hereby authorize you to deduct from my monthly salary all such membership fees payable by me and remit the same to SIASU henceforth until further notice. If I wish to stop such deduction at any time, I shall inform you in writing through my union giving you 3 months’ advance notice. The deduction shall ceases as advised by my union. I declare that the information within this application form is true and accurate and that I have read, understood and hereby consent to all the terms & conditions.

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