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Dear Members,

It’s my pleasure to connect and communicate with you through this Website about the various accomplishments and successes of SIASU over the last six months.

On the 30 May, SIA Chairman Mr. Stephen Lee held a dialogue session with the Principal Officials of SIASU. He started off by saying that he was glad to see staff morale had improved and he viewed SIASU as an important partner. During the two-hour session, Mr. Lee shared some strategies and challenges faced by the Company. The recent announcement of better performance had been due to lower fuel prices. This was prevalent in the industry as all other airlines had also enjoyed lower fuel prices. In time to come, the fuel price was expected to return to previous levels. He also spoke about reviewing strategies like the formation of multi-hubs and investing in IT to improve productivity in order to keep in line with others through working effectively. At the same time, the Union discussed issues on re-employment to age 67 and the reimbursement of medical fees (charged by our medical providers FHG) to our employees.

On the workers’ front, the long-outstanding Collective Agreements (CA) had been successfully concluded for SIA, SIA Cargo, SilkAir and Tradewinds. There are some fundamental changes. The more remarkable ones are a very decent CA Lump Sum payment, only for Union members, which had never happened before.  SIASU spends considerable amounts of time on meetings to negotiate improvements on CA issues which benefit all employees. This time, we have successfully convinced the Companies to differentiate Union members from others and to pay the lump sum only to them. The Companies, as a show of support, then decided to give a one-month grace period to non-members to sign up as SIASU members in order to benefit from this payment.  Another highlight was the Incentive Attendance Payment (IAP) of a higher amount which was built into the basic salary, in addition to profit sharing bonuses, AWS and overtime, thus making for a more attractive pay package.

Service Increment (SI) for SIA, Silkair, SIA Cargo and Tradewinds was due on July 16th and the Union had negotiated and ensured payment was done in the same month except for SilkAir and Tradewinds.  Another notable achievement on the SI for this year is that those who have reached or exceeded the salary maximum are paid 80 percent of the lump sum payment instead of the usual 70 per cent.

If you have been following the news lately, you would have come across various articles about the impact of new technologies on work arenas in a subdued economy. The Aviation Industry is not spared. NTUC, together with tripartite partners, strongly supports SkillsFuture to help all employees develop to their fullest potential. We can own a better future with skills mastery and lifelong learning.

I would strongly urge you to embark on this lifelong learning journey to upgrade your skills and experience in order to help steer the Company towards higher productivity and growth.

We will be featuring more articles on the website as and when we have updated news or articles  that will interest our members. We have good deals with Starhub and M1 and we are in talks with Singtel to get them to hold roadshows and offer very good deals like the rest of the Telcos.

So happy viewing and look out for more features in the Website !