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  Our History
  01 Apr 1959  

The two unions were amalgamated and called Malayan Airways/ Quantas Empire Airways Local Employees' union. Only employees of these two Airlines and their Associate and Subsidiary Companies were eligible for membership.

  25 Aug 1958  

The name of Qantas Empire Airways Local Employees' Union was changed to Singapore Airlines' Employees Union.

  22 Dec 1956  

Members of the Malayan Airways Local Employees' Union went on strike for the first time for a Goodwill Bonus. Following the payment of the Goodwill Bonus by Management the strike ended on January 13, 1957.

  15 Apr 1955  

Eight years later amidst threat of dismissal, employees of a local airline - Malayan Airways - formed the Malayan Airways Local Employees' Union.

  17 Dec 1947  

The name was changed to Qantas Empire Airways Local Employees' Union in order to obtain recognition from the management of Qantas.

  19 June 1947  

150 airline workers assembled in Victoria Street to form the Singapore Civil Air Transport-workers' Union. Membership was confined to the employees of Qantas Empire Airways Limited.

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