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  Our History
  24 Nov 1972  

The Singapore Air Transport-workers' Union had a membership of over 4,000 in the following 11 companies:
• Singapore Airlines Limited
• Qantas Airways Limited
• International Aeradio (FE) Pte Ltd
• Air India
• Pan American World Airways
• Saber Air Pte Ltd
• British Overseas Airways Corporation
• Air Vietnam
• Mediterranean Airways
• Swissair
• Aeroflot

  02 - 15 Jul 1972  

SATU's first Residential Leadership Training Course was held at the National Youth Leadership Training Center, Singapore. There were 19 participants comprising leaders from the Union.

  09 Mar 1972  

An Extraordinary General Meeting was held to amend the Constitution in accordance with the NTUC's Modernization Seminar of 1969. The check-off system and Welfare Benefit Scheme were implemented. A new emblem for SATU was also adopted.

  Dec 1971  

SATU made a claim for Goodwill Bonus in December together with the MSA Association and the MSA Pilot's Association and the MSA Executive Officer's Union supported by the Airlines Employees' Union, Kuala Lumpur, the Air Transport-workers' Union, Kota Kinabalu and the MSA Employees' Union , Kuching, after the decision to split Malaysia-Singapore Airlines was announced by the Singapore and Malaysian Governments. The bonus was paid in September 1972.

  13 - 15 Jul 1970  

SATU members staged a 3-day color-power carnival style protest against the then MSA Management's recalcitrant attitude. There were 20 major points of grievances, some of which were promotions, selections recruitment, regarding, shortage of staff, disciplinary inquiries, dismissal, training, privileged travel, transport, security, payment of Workmen's Compensation and other working conditions. Workers in all department reported for work in colorful attire and the protest had the desired effect.

  22 Mar 1968  

The constitution was amended to allow all employees of Singapore-based airlines to be eligible for membership of SATU.

  23 Aug 1967  

The name Malayan Airways/ Qantas Empire Airways Local Employees' Union was changed to Singapore Air Transport-workers' Union (SATU).

  20 Oct 1965  

The official opening of "Union House" at 20 Beng Wan Road by Comrade Ho See Beng then Chairman, NTUC.

  01 Jul 1962  

The Union became an affiliate of the National Trades Union Congress.

  10 Jun 1962  

Following the enactment of the Industrial Relations Act in 1960, the first Collective Agreement was signed between Malayan Airways and the Union.

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